“The World’s Resistance to Holiness”

An Excerpt from Rev. Jones’ Second Book – STRICTLY FROM GOD’S PERSPECTIVE: A Godly Man’s Guidance to His Family and Fellow Man

One of the most joyous experiences of this pastor was with a young man who embraced holiness 100%. He came to my law office one day regarding business, and I shared Jesus with him. I informed him that he would not accomplish his goals without Jesus.

I told him Jesus is the only way, truth, and life (John 14:6). The young man decided to embrace Jesus for real and embarked on the road to holy living. On his journey, I spent much time with him ministering about Jesus, living exactly like Jesus, and trusting in GOD to strengthen him in holiness.

I shared with him how I prayed for my wife and lived celibate while waiting for GOD to answer that prayer. I shared how GOD answered that prayer magnificently. As he internalized GOD’S Word, I saw the tears in his eyes about GOD’S mercy towards him and love for him.

I saw the deep gratitude in him for how GOD protected him while he was in sin and brought him to the shining, glorious, knowledge of Jesus Christ. The young man finally “got it” and grew to resist sin via daily bible reading, daily prayer, and weekly church attendance. What the young man did not know was the magnitude of the world’s resistance to holiness. He soon found out.

–copyright © 2005, Rev. Rickey Nelson Jones, Esq.

Both of Rev. Jones’ books are available for purchase. The first book’s full title is STRICTLY FROM GOD’S PERSPECTIVE: A Godly Man’s Guidance To His Family And Fellow Man (Being a Man of God to Your Wife, Being a Man of God to Your Children, Being a Man of God to Your Church, Being a Man of God to Your Society).

The book was in development for approximately 10 years and presents GOD’S view without compromise. The book is available from Amazon or the publisher (Xlibris Corporation)

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