COVID-19 Precautions for our Small Baptist Ministry: 

[1] For the sake of clarity, traditional Baptist Churches (of which LELJBC is) never cancel Church Services (barring a winter blizzard making travel impossible). Even if we had 100 members, there would just be multiple services. GOD is in control.

[2] Of course, we take precautions and have done so. We will observe social distancing in seating (like skipping seats between parishioners who are not family). Also, we have purchased a large capacity Turbo Air Purifier which kills viruses.

[3] If anyone is sick or experiencing symptoms of coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, fever, etc., please stay home. 

[4] Bible Study will be postponed until notified otherwise.

Welcome to Our Church

Living Exactly Like Jesus Baptist Church is based in Columbia, Maryland. Our pastor is Reverend Dr. Rickey Nelson Jones. As a ministry, we believe in living a holy life that is Christ-centered. It is important to obey His Word and accept Him as well as His will for us. Please preview our Profile Video below. We are pleased to also extend membership to those who wish to join us as "virtual" members; online membership is further discussed on the Join page.

Who We Are

We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is with Jesus’ joy that we share how the Lord has been advancing the Kingdom of God. God does indeed have a ministry in existence with people whose principal focus is keeping their conduct “in line” with GOD’S Holy Word, which is why the ministry is named Living Exactly Like Jesus Baptist Church.

What We Assure

  • The Pastor lives a holy, clean, life
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached in context, researched, and without "clowning" or fear
  • The Bible is open and our eyes are on the letter of GOD’S Holy Word as we learn HIS Way for our lives

Worship, Learn and Grow with us...

We pray that GOD places on your heart to join us in a ministry where Jesus reigns supreme and is emphasized above everyone and everything. The worship services are every Sunday, with recorded sermons and other resources available on our Sermons page. We have a number of opportunities and activities to keep you engaged!

Our Pastor