2018 Events

Christmas 2018...

Oh what a blessing indeed! We were blessed with a good word delivered by Pastor Jones followed by some delicious food and fellowship and concluding with our annual gift exchange. The presence of the Lord was present!  

Praising God for our 16th Church and Pastor Anniversary and Annual Thanksgiving Feast...

The Lord Blessed us with a wonderful celebration service with Rev. Dr. Robert L. Haynes as our Guest Preacher. The preached word, "Miracle Water or the Master's Word" from John 5:1-9 was not only enlightening, but uplifting as well!

Pastor Appreciation Celebration 2018

We honored Pastor Jones with a special Pastor Appreciation Celebration Service and hot buffet brunch. Pastor Jones has truly labored in the vineyard in declaring God's word and living in obedience to God's Holy Word everyday! astor Damion Briggs of Eastern Community Church was our Guest Preacher and delivered a powerful message: "Obedience to God's Holy Word". What a high time in the Lord!

Women's Worship Weekend and First Lady Appreciation Sunday...

Our Women's Worship Weekend held September 28-30 was filled with great fellowship during a Friday night seafood feast, a high praise/worship and testimony event on Saturday, and an exciting and uplifting First Lady Appreciation celebration on Sunday! We received an excellent word from our Pastor: "Directions for Women of God, Things to Embrace and Things to Avoid" as we learned the story of a notable woman of the Bible — Miriam. It was a blessed weekend and a true celebration; the women surrendered to the will of God and got a breakthrough! 

Mother's Day 2018...

Another wonderful celebration!

We enjoyed excellent spiritual food and physical food together on this special day.Thank you LELJBC for always making the moms feel special!

The Great Commission...

After our relocation, we took time to get to know our new neighbors. We canvassed our new neighborhood and introduced the Ministry by hanging door tags, leaving postcards, and evangelizing. It was a blessed time greeting several of the nearby residents and receiving a warm welcome.

We look forward to our new neighbors joining us for worship and fellowship in a ministry where love reigns supreme!

Black History Month

We celebrated Black History Month on Sunday, 2/25 with a great word from the Lord, good music, good food, and good fellowship. Yes, it was all GOOD! Thank God for the opportunity to remember the past, reflect on the present, and celebrate our bright future in the Lord!

2019 Events


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