2017 Events

Celebration Service at our Newly Expanded and Modern Facility - December 31, 2017

Operation Backpack

Operation Backpack 2017 was a huge success. Because of the kindness of our dear members and our PGAMA Business Partner next door, we were able to donate 17 backpacks to the Bollman Bridge Elementary School on Guilford-Savage Road in Jessup. Donations of backpacks stuffed with school supplies were delivered on August 29th; the school’s Principal, Ms. Rhonda Inskeep and her Assistant, Ms. Joanna Salerno, were both delighted to receive the donations.

Community Outreach Event

Our 3rd Annual Community Outreach Event took place on Saturday, May 20th (2-4pm). It was such a blessing to meet some of our community neighbors and have the opportunity to "give back." We provided food, fun, and fitness activities as planned and served our community with delight. We freely provided new and like new clothing and shoes for the taking. The children especially enjoyed plenty of games and collected prizes. New friendships were made through fellowship. Praise the Lord!! See our Facebook page for more photos.

Black History Month Celebration 2017

On February 19th, we celebrated Black History Month with a preached word that inspired and lifted our souls from Rev. Dr. Ruby Purnell as she shared the meaning of God's word in Matthew 16:18 where Jesus described the true rock in which to build His church. We also reflected on our history through music, recitations, and enjoyed some soul food. See more pictures on our Facebook Page.

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